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Utilize the strength of financial data to decrease uncertainty, increase earnings, and mechanize manual tasks.

The BFSI industry, which encompasses Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance, is one of the most data-intensive industries. With the increasing use of digital technologies, BFSI companies are generating huge amounts of data that can provide valuable insights and competitive advantages. This is where data analytics comes into play. Data analytics is the process of examining data sets in order to draw conclusions about the information they contain, and it has become an essential tool for BFSI companies to make informed decisions. By leveraging data analytics, BFSI companies can gain insights into customer behavior, market trends, and risks, which can help them develop more effective products, services, and strategies. In this way, data analytics is transforming the BFSI industry and enabling companies to stay ahead of the curve.

Our Offerings

Advanced analytics for Regulatory Compliance

Anblicks advanced analytics for regulatory solution offerings include data integration, transformation, and analytics, enabling financial institutions to identify potential compliance risks and proactively mitigate them. We provide real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities, enabling financial institutions to stay up-to-date with regulatory changes and comply with all relevant regulations. Financial institutions can streamline regulatory compliance processes, reduce costs, and enhance operational efficiency with our advanced analytics solutions.

Fraud Detection & Prevention

The financial industry faces risks like fraud and cybercrime that can cause financial losses for companies and clients. Anblicks helps financial firms prevent fraud by analyzing data with advanced algorithms and machine learning. This allows firms to take proactive measures and reduce financial risk while ensuring client safety. With Anblicks’ technology expertise, financial firms can protect their reputation as trustworthy partners in the industry.

Lending analytics

Anblicks offers lending analytics services that help customers with credit risk and fraud prevention, loan application scoring, defaulter prediction, and personalized loan offers. With our solutions, financial institutions can make informed lending decisions, increase revenue, and build stronger customer relationships.

ML based Automated Insurance

Our experts leverages the power of AI and ML to enable insurance companies to streamline their underwriting process, reduce costs, and improve the accuracy of their pricing models. By automating the underwriting process, the solution eliminates the need for manual intervention, reducing the time taken to complete the process and minimizing the risk of errors.

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