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Intelligent Enterprise Strategy

Intelligent Decisions for 
Future-Ready Businesses

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An intelligent enterprise leverages advanced technologies such as AI, machine learning, and data analytics to drive smarter decision-making, enhance business processes, and improve customer experiences. Our Intelligent Enterprise Offering provides a quick start to this transformation, establishing end-to-end data architecture, data engineering, AI/ML engineering, enterprise applications, and intelligent business process orchestration.

Why Anblicks Intelligent Enterprise

Streamline Operations

Automate tedious back-office tasks to increase efficiency and reduce operational costs.

Empower Workforce

Provide insights and tools that enable employees to work smarter and make informed decisions quickly.

Enhance Customer Experiences

Deliver proactive and personalized services to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Drive Innovation

Use data-driven insights to inform product development and market strategies, staying ahead of the competition

Intelligent Enterprise Features



Comprehensive setup including database organization, roles & access controls, and external cloud storage integration.



Development of internal and external data pipelines for various data types, ensuring quality and seamless deployment.



End-to-end ML model building, feature engineering, and AI & MLOps best practices for Gen AI readiness.


Enterprise Apps & Data Monetization

Integration of Snowflake REST API, data clean room setup, and deployment of Streamlit apps

Offerings & Solution Outcomes

Up to 3 Weeks


  • Prescriptive “Enabling an Intelligent Enterprise Target State Data Architecture”​ Implementation Playbook
  • Database & Schema Organization (Dev, Test, Prod)

Up to 3 Weeks


  • Schema & Table creation
  • Quality Assurance & Defect resolution ​
  • Deploy Data Pipelines
  • Data Engineering for one use case for varied data type for Proof of Value,

Up to 3 Weeks


  • Feature Engineering & Feature store best practices ​
  • One end to end ML model building and training.​
  • Model registry set-up and model deployment.​
  • One end to end GEN AI use case and demo as Proof of Value​

Up to 3 Weeks

Enterprise Apps &​ Data Monetization

  • One end to end use case on Experience & API layer​
  • Snowflake REST API Set-up and demo​
  • Data clean room set-up and demo ​
  • Data Marketplace setup and demo​

Up to 3 Weeks

Intelligent Business
 Process Orchestration

  • Intelligent Enterprise Data Hub Configuration and Set-up ​
  • Intelligent Enterprise Integration Hub Configuration and Set-up ​
  • Intelligent Data Activation & Business Alerting layer​

Benefits of Intelligent Enterprise

Operational Efficiency

Automate and streamline business processes to reduce costs and improve productivity, achieving up to 40% increase in efficiency.

Informed Decision-Making

Gain real-time insights into operations and market trends, enabling quicker and more accurate decisions.

Customer Satisfaction

Enhance customer experiences through personalized and proactive services, increasing loyalty and retention by up to 30%.

Innovation and Growth

Drive innovation by utilizing data to inform strategies and product development, fostering continuous improvement.

Competitive Advantage

Differentiate your business with intelligent data insights and optimized processes, positioning yourself ahead of competitors.

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