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TheHealthcare360 Implementation Partner

Consulting and implementation partner of TheHealthcare360 for helping Health plans, IPAs & Hospital Systems

SaaS platform for Health plans, IPAs & Hospital Systems​

TheHealthcareC360 is a complete and comprehensive platform hosted in the cloud exclusively for Health plans, IPAs & Hospital Systems. TheHealthcare360 helps Health plans, IPAs & Hospital Systems brings revenue by helping doctors to serve more value-based patients and to win more value-based contracts by closing clinical and quality gaps.

Anblicks is proud to partner with TheHealthcare360 to provide healthcare organizations with a range of data and technology solutions that help them improve their operations and enhance patient care. Our service offerings, including healthcare data strategy and management, healthcare data engineering and warehousing, healthcare predictive and statistical modeling, healthcare AI and machine learning (ML), and healthcare visualization and SmartView, are designed to better outcomes, reduce costs, and improve patient care.

Our Offerings

Healthcare Data Strategy and Management

Our team utilizes our extensive knowledge of healthcare data strategy and management to develop a comprehensive guide that assists your organization in creating a data strategy framework and infrastructure that is both effective and focused. This plan ensures that your organization complies with complex government regulations like HIPPA while providing valuable data.

Healthcare Data Engineering and Warehousing

Due to strict regulations, dealing with healthcare data in the USA is a complex task, but we are equipped to handle it. With our expertise in healthcare data engineering and warehousing, we can assist healthcare companies in beginning, updating, or transferring their data processes and warehouses to a secure, fast, reliable, and automated cloud-based architecture that suits their requirements and expansion goals.

Healthcare Predictive and Statistical Modeling

Healthcare organizations can benefit from the expertise of our skilled data scientists, who can assist in developing and implementing predictive and statistical models. These models can be utilized to categorize patients based on their current and potential medical conditions and complications, evaluate the efficiency and quality of care healthcare providers provide, and analyze trends in costs and revenue.

Healthcare AI and Machine Learning

Our team of experts in Healthcare AI and ML uses these innovative technologies to provide more efficient and cost-effective assistance to healthcare organizations. Smart machines can be utilized in various areas of your organization. We employ these methods to analyze and extract valuable insights from structured and unstructured data, making it useful for decision-making.

Healthcare Visualization and SmartView

The healthcare business intelligence specialists we employ can offer useful and transparent insights that are presented in visually appealing and interactive dashboards and views. These smart views allow for easy comprehension of the data, helping healthcare organizations identify areas that require attention.

Anblicks Differentiators


Helped 75+ organizations achieve their business goals with data


Tailor made accelerators and reusable toolsets for data projects


80% of our client projects leverage data and analytics platforms


Experienced healthcare data scientists & SMEs


Guaranteed security of customers’ data is proved by ISO 27001 certificate


50% of our successful projects are form Healthcare industry

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