Consumer-oriented companies have tremendous opportunity to maximize profits at every stage of the value chain, from optimizing pricing to perfectly aligning supply and demand.

Why AI Now?

eCommerce and consumer
No industry has weathered change in recent years as much as retail, eCommerce and consumer goods. However, change presents new opportunities.
digital transformation
The digital transformation of the customer journey means machine learning can be used to accurately segment customers and target them with personalized and relevant messages and offers.
Social media
Social media in particular is a treasure trove of customer insight, both at the individual level — where brand advocates and detractors can be addressed one-on-one — and as a resource to understand broader sentiment towards brands and products.
Anblicks can help companies take these industry shifts in stride and excel past their competition.
consumer goods_
From understanding buying behaviors to setting the optimal price to ensuring supply meets demand, Anblicks can help consumer goods companies and retailers maximize profits at each stage of the value chain.

Retail Implementations


Data Strategy

Mine the customer journey for deep insights into perceptions and habits
Make loyalty programs more effective by predicting uptake
Create omnichannel analysis across customer touchpoints
Optimize product mix and pricing with algorithm-driven decisions
Conduct market basket analyses to find powerful product combinations
Boost the results of every campaign with more precise offers
Cut Costs

Cut Costs

Enhance merchandise planning with machine learning to auto-prune unprofitable products
Optimize supply chains and eliminate stock outs without additional inventory
Plan the most successful store sites and optimize in-store demand against staffing with AI
Avoid Risks

Avoid Risks

Identify patterns that enable immediate detection of fraudulent purchases and returns
Inject customer voice into decision-making with analytic-driven insights
Enhancing product quality assurance programs with predictions of likely defects
Find and retain the right staff by predicting which candidate hires will be the most successful employees

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