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Industry Solutions & Accelerators

Accelerate time to deployment and reduce risk using Anblicks Solution Accelerators

Solution accelerators are ready-to-use business application components that help you develop custom software solutions quicker. The components act as building blocks for your software and address common business challenges.

The Anblicks Solution Accelerators (ASA) are fully functional end-to-end solutions that tackle the most common and high-impact use cases that our customers are facing. Solution Accelerators are designed to help Anblicks customers go from idea to proof of concept (PoC) in less than 2 weeks.

Here are three benefits of using our Accelerators when developing custom software:

  • Accelerate Time to Deployment
  • Address Common Business Challenges
  • Reduce Development Risks


X2S Migrate - Snowflake Migration

Accelerates migrations from any source platform to Snowflake by automating the code conversion.


ADQT - Data Quality Tool

An open-source-based data quality tool enabling proactive data monitoring.


Quality360 – Healthcare Analytics

A tool for health insurance companies to identify gaps in their quality measures.


LendingAI - Financial Analytics

Risk scoring tool designed for Non-Banking Financial Companies and Insurance Firms to accelerate decision making.​


DevOpsX - DevOps Accelerator

An automation solution offering for provisioning infrastructure in different tech stacks.


CustomerAI - Customer Insights

A Retail customer analytics and predictive marketing solution built on Snowflake using AI/ML.


ADF-CDF - Config Driven Framework

No-Code enterprise ETL/EL Framework, to accelerate and automate the data ingestion into Snowflake.


CapptixAI - Support Center Analytics

AI-Powered Customer Interaction Analytics Platform for contact centers to capture the Voice of the customer (VoC). Improves customer retention and Call Center Agent’s performance.


VersaIQ – Contact Center Analytics

A customer support call monitoring solution powered by generative AI.


VersaIQ – Contact Center Analytics

Boost Contact Center Efficiency with AI-Powered Insights for Superior Customer Satisfaction.

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