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CustomerAI – Discover Customer Insights

A Customer 360 Solution – to Understand, Engage and Retain Valuable Customers

CustomerAI Features and Benefits

CustomerAI Use Cases

RFM Analysis

  • Target customers to increase Share of Wallet (SOW)
  • Marketing strategies for first time buyers
  • Retention strategies for lost customers

Customer Segmentation

  • Understand your target markets
  • Market to receptive prospects
  • Optimize conversions


  • Data-driven personalization
  • Higher engagement and conversion rates
  • New opportunities for promotion, persuasion and profitability

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

  • Quantify future value
  • Early warning signs to detect defection rate
  • Helps budget division between retention and acquisition

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

  • Measure the likelihood of repeat business
  • Enhance the customer experience over time
  • Churn Prediction and retention

Product Net Promoter Score

  • Indicator and driver of future growth of the products
  • Measure the effectiveness of product marketing
  • Helps drive loyalty programs

Customer Segmentation Example

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