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A Customer 360 solution, to Understand, Engage and Retain Valuable Customers
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CustomerAI Features and Benefits

CustomerAI Features and Benefits

CustomerAI Use Cases

RFM Analysis Icon

RFM Analysis

Target customers to increase Share of Wallet (SOW)
Marketing strategies for first time buyers
Retention strategies for lost customers
Customer Segmentation Icon

Customer Segmentation

Understand your target markets
Market to receptive prospects
Optimize conversions
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Data-driven personalization
Higher engagement and conversion rates
New opportunities for promotion, persuasion and profitability

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Quantify future value
Early warning signs to detect defection rate
Helps budget division between retention and acquisition
Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Icon

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

Measure the likelihood of repeat business
Enhance the customer experience over time
Churn Prediction and retention
Product Net Promoter Score Icon

Product Net Promoter Score

Indicator and driver of future growth of the products
Measure the effectiveness of product marketing
Helps drive loyalty programs

Customer Segmentation Example


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