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DevOpsX – DevOps Accelerator

Accelerates the DevOps journey with a pre-built, templatized, best practices-driven framework. Includes kick-start templates for IaC and CI/CD for Snowflake data pipeline stack on Azure and AWS.

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About DevOpsX Accelerator

Anblicks provides a service offering for each aspect of the DevOps cycle by maintaining high delivery standards. Anblicks developed a pre-built, Ready-to-use IaC template (with Snowflake, AWS, and Azure), and best practices-based accelerator/framework called DevOpsX, allowing continuous rapid provisioning and deployment automation.

DevOpsX helps achieve faster and higher quality software delivery to increase customer satisfaction. With our innovative capabilities, we are helping our customers with the right direction and best practices to streamline the CI-CD-Pipeline by reducing deployment time from months to weeks at hybrid and multi-cloud technologies to meet their business needs at the right time to market.

The Challenges

Technical Complexity

Setting up the necessary infrastructure, creating automated deployment pipelines, and integrating different tools and systems can be time-consuming and require a significant investment of resources.

Skill Gaps

The adoption of IaC and CI/CD often requires new skills and knowledge, particularly in areas such as automation, scripting, and configuration management.

Tool Selection

There are many different tools and technologies available for IaC and CI/CD, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Choosing the right tools for an organization’s specific needs can be challenging and may require extensive research and testing to find the best fit.

Security Risks

While IaC and CI/CD can offer significant benefits in terms of speed and efficiency, they also introduce new security risks. To mitigate these risks, it is important to implement strong security practices throughout the development process.

Compliance Requirements

Organizations that are subject to regulatory or compliance requirements may face additional challenges when implementing IaC and CI/CD. These systems may need to be designed and implemented in a way that meets specific regulatory requirements, which can add complexity and time to the implementation process.

Cost and Resource Constraints

Implementing IaC and CI/CD requires significant investment in tooling, infrastructure, and expertise. Smaller organizations or those with limited budgets may struggle to make the necessary investments.

Our Offerings

Accelerate your Development Process with DevOpsX Accelerator

Anblicks’ team of experts will work with pre-build, ready-to-use DevOps toolchain templates for each level of the DevOps cycle to create, configure and test automated deployments faster to support continuous integration and delivery of your applications, product, and services. It includes the following features:

  • Ready-to-use IaC templates
  • Jumpstart CI/CD Pipelines
  • Supports major cloud providers
  • Built-in IaC & CI/CD best practices
  • Supports popular data platforms
  • Highly extensible framework
  • Modular architecture

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IaC Modules

  • Data Platform ​(Snowflake + AWS Stack)​
  • Data Platform ​(Snowflake + Azure Stack)​
  • Data Platform ​(Azure Stack)​
  • Data Platform ​(Snowflake Native)​
  • Spark on Kubernetes with HA and Autoscaling​
  • Airflow on Kubernetes with HA and Autoscaling​

CI/CD Modules

  • CI/CD of Data Platform ​(ADF + Snowflake)​​
  • CI/CD of Data Platform ​(ADF + Azure Synapse)​
  • CI/CD of Databricks Notebook Deployment​
  • CI/CD of Azure Analysis Service​
  • CI/CD of Azure ​Functions App​
  • CI/CD of Database ​Changes (SQL)​

Unlock the Benefits of DevOpsX


Reduced Effort

Built-in best practices-driven provisioning templates for various commonly used data platform deployment architectures and integrations.


Faster Time to Value

Faster path-to-development productivity with a full-fledged implementation within a minimal time of deployment.


Increased Scalability

Accomplish complete CI-CD pipeline best practices with a smaller team, less expertise, less complexity, and higher margins in delivery.


Reduced Risk

With the set of data-validated processes, fewer issues as best practices driven, tested infrastructure provisioning automation and CI/CD Templates are used.

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Reduce your DevOps implementation timeline from months to weeks
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