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Retail Customer Analytics & Predictive Marketing Solution built on Snowflake using AI/ML.​

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CustomerAI Use Cases

Optimize your marketing spending using Customer data

Predict demand to optimize inventory and pricing

Increase profitability with dynamic pricing & discounting

Predict individual recommendations for each customer

Predict Customer Value and value-based marketing

Realign your products by measuring customer satisfaction

Features and Benefits

Solution Architecture

Snowpark ML Models

RFM Analysis and Customer Segmentation

  • Target customers to increase Share of Wallet (SOW)​
  • Marketing strategies for first time buyers and lapsed customers​

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

  • Helps drive loyalty programs to retain valuable customers​
  • Targeted marketing to future customers based on CLV​

Product Recommendations

  • Data-driven personalized product recommendations​
  • New opportunities for promotion, upsell, cross-sell, and profitability​

Dynamic Pricing and Demand Forecasting

  • Increase profitability with dynamic pricing and discounting
  • Predict demand to optimize inventory and pricing

Marketing Channel Attribution

  • Optimize marketing spends ​
  • Test new strategies for conversion​

Customer Satisfaction and Product NPS

  • Measure the likelihood of repeat business​
  • Predict Customer Churn and define retention strategy

Benefits with Snowflake

Cost Savings up to 30%

Lower Data Ingestion, BI, and IT costs; Ease of maintenance with SQL/Python developers.​

Meeting SLAs

Better performance with lightning-fast analytics. Model performance improved by 20x.​

Increase in Revenues

Secure Data sharing with business units and partners​.

Improved Merchandising decisions

The Retail Data Cloud lets retailers and manufacturers access, govern, and share data.​

Robust Data Security

Built-in Enterprise Data Governance with Snowflake stack​

Unlock the power of customer retention with CustomerAI
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