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Snowflake Elite Services Partner

Delivering business value to our clients by unlocking the power of the AI Data Cloud.

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Anblicks Snowflake Service Offerings​

Snowflake Services

Data Platform Modernization

  • Build successful business cases for data modernization that boost enterprise efficiency and drive business value.
  • Architect modern data platform and design scalable, cloud-native architecture ensuring agility and performance.
  • Define migration strategy with automation for seamless transition, considering data integrity, security, and minimal disruption.

AI/ML Implementation

  • We build end-to-end data pipelines and feature engineering to prevent data leakage build better predictive models and create meaningful features.
  • Collaborating with Snowflake, Anblicks specializes in AI/ML models for retail, BFSI, and healthcare.
  • Empower organizations with cloud-optimized AI solutions for scalable insights and informed decisions.

Data Applications Monetization

  • Build exceptional data apps with analytics ML for insightful decisions.
  • Deploy secure, scalable apps merging Snowflake’s prowess with advanced technology.
  • Distribute efficient, innovative apps driving revenue growth via Snowpark containers.

Managed Services Optimization

  • End-to-end Snowflake management, CoE expertise: Tailored solutions, industry best practices.
  • Certified professionals ensure Snowflake’s seamless performance, security, scalability, and quality.
  • Unlock data infrastructure potential with insights, innovation, cost-effectiveness, and robust governance.

Snowflake Solutions

Quality360: A tool for health insurance companies to identify gaps in their quality measures.

CustomerAI: A Retail customer analytics and predictive marketing solution built on Snowflake using AI/ML.

ADQT: Anblicks’ open-source-based Data Quality tool, enables a shift-left approach for Proactive data monitoring.

Aurora: Powered by GenAI and LLMs on Snowflake: Revolutionizing document analysis with advanced extraction, compliance checks, summaries, and real-time contract insights.

X2S Migrate: Accelerates migrations from any source platform to Snowflake by automating the code conversion.

VersaIQ: A customer support call monitoring solution powered by generative AI.

Anblicks  Differentiators


Snowflake Accelerators

Our accelerators will reduce time to market and minimizes risk while adopting modern tools.


Migration Experts

Our best practices driven processes for migrating from legacy On-premise data bases, Apache Spark, MLflow, and Hadoop-based big data systems to Snowflake will help reduce costs of migration.


Data Science, AI/ML Expertise

We can help you implement innovative solutions leveraging native Snowflake stack, Snowpark for Machine Learning and Streamlit for data applications.


Cost effective Managed Services

With our proven onsite and offshore delivery methodology and DataOps services, we can support you 24×7, managing and monitoring your data pipelines ensuring business continuity.

Industries  We Serve


  • Sales Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Customer Analytics
  • Supply Chain Analytics
  • Customer Support Analytics


  • Advanced analytics for Regulatory Compliance
  • Fraud Detection & Prevention
  • Lending Analytics
  • ML based Automated Insurance


  • Risk Adjustment (RAF)
  • Quality Management
  • Claims Management
  • Business Performance Management
  • Legacy Data Platform Modernization

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