Cloud Cost Management

Cloud Cost Management

Optimize cloud spend in a multi-cloud, multi-vendor and multi-billing world

Challenges Faced by Cloud Customers


Improper Provisioning


Unused or Under-utilized Resources


Lack of Visibility and Control over the usage and costs


Spend Forecasting


Billing Complexity with various vendors

Benefits of Migrating to Snowflake

Reduce spend and identify savings by improving resource utilization
Low footprint, can be easily installed on your cloud infrastructure
Leverages Power BI for frontend and open source technologies for backend data sourcing and analytics
Typical savings range anywhere from 8% to over 20% of the spend
No access needed to the resources being monitored

Cloud Cost Management – Tool

Helps organizations to optimize their cloud costs by identifying the potential wastage and underutilized resources


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Cloud cost management was born out of necessity due to mistakes done in the cloud infrastructure management both internally as well as at one of our biggest clients.
Reduce spend and identify savings by improving resource utilization
Detailed breakdowns for major spending areas to track trends, watch for anomalies, and monitor usage data

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