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Integrated Data Platform, Data Analytics and BI implementation

Architected integrated data platform on Azure; Implemented data pipelines, data science models, BI datasets, dashboards, microservices and automation.


The customer is a well-known sportswear and footwear retailer with a global presence. With over 3000 stores, websites, and mobile apps, the company operates in 28 countries.

Our Solution

  • Anblicks architected data pipeline using highly sophisticated tech stack: Azure, Databricks/Spark, Delta lake, Snowflake, Kafka, MLflow, K8S, Airflow, Power BI, etc.
  • Enabled the organization to simply and securely share data as per new data privacy guidelines & compliance.
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    Customer Benefits


    Centralized data warehouse and effective reporting system enabled effective insights into making timely decisions.


    Improved data sharing processes for productivity and predictability.


    Higher efficiency and cost savings by utilizing DevOps automation and determining the right tools.
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