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Anblicks review by Mehul Khokhani, General Manager at Sun-Net Inc.

“Anblicks was very easy to work with. Anblicks was able to build a team with the right fit of skillsets for us. The folks in the team were ready to learn on how to do the development our way and based on what our customers were asking for.”

Outsourced product development & support for streamlining energy utility services

Sun-Net, Inc. is a US-based company focusing on software development and professional consulting for the Power Industry. Sun-Net builds and supports software tools to enable utilities to achieve their goals for Safety, Reliability, and Efficiency in Operations.

Anblicks helped Sun-Net Inc. create a new module, “Projects” for their ITOA (Integrated Tools for Operations Application) System, which captures outage requests individually. With the addition to this module, Sun-Net’s customers can create one single project for an outage and create/add any number of requests under the module. Anblicks helped fix responsive pages for the mobile version of the application and built automation for application testing for cost efficiency.

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