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Hadoop to Databricks

Gain quicker insights with Hadoop to Databricks Migration

Why migrate from Hadoop to Databricks?

Data Reliability Issues

  • Delayed jobs, corrupt data
  • Inconsistent schemas
  • No roll-backs

Rigid Inflexible Clusters

  • Unresponsive to business needs
  • Hardware procurement cycles
  • Rigid cluster configurations

Low Productivity

  • Complex and expensive to maintain (admins, prominent data engineers, etc.)
  • Upgrades, maintenance delays
  • Siloed AI/Data Environments

Benefits of Migrating to Databricks


No Aging Hardware Lock-in


Elastic Scaling


Gain Faster Insights


Reduce Acquisition Cost

(H2D) Hadoop to Databricks Migration  Accelerator

Anblicks – Unique Value Proposition

With the right combination of expert cloud data engineers and a set of migration tools, we can accelerate your migration to the cloud

Push button solution to migrate Hadoop HDFS/Hive/Impala/Kudu databases to Databricks

Supports both Schema-only and Schema and Data migration

Saves up to 60% of time and 40% of costs

No hardware lock-in

Make better, quicker business decisions

Reduce the cost of scaling data management and analytics

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