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Get Data-Driven Solutions and AI-ML Capabilities

Anblicks works as a Databricks SI and Consulting Partner.  We Offer unique AI-ML-empowered data solutions for your business, helping you to stay ahead of the curve. Our data engineers and data scientists are certified on Databricks, skilled at building and operationalizing your analytics platform. We provide technical expertise and solutions for better customer success in business growth.

With our center of excellence, access Databricks computing expertise to implement descriptive analytics, predictive analytics, and prescriptive analytics for faster and manageable insights. 

By using the Databricks Unified Data Analytics Platform, we also provide efficient solutions to automate your cloud infrastructure along with anomaly detection, forecast modeling, descriptive analytics, and natural language processing (NLP) in your business.

Our Service Offerings


Databricks Professional Services

Our Big Data Center of Excellence provides Databricks Spark Distributed Computing expertise to implement descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics for actionable insights


Setup and Manage

We help organizations set up and manage Databricks Unified Data Platform to simplify big data and AI where data engineers and data scientists can collaborate together on one platform



Our engineers ensure that data is integrated, cleansed, and quickly available to data science teams so that they can focus on getting insights from it



Monitoring Databricks jobs to ensure smooth BAU operations



Ongoing support and change request management

Proud Sponsor of Data + AI Summit 2021, hosted by Databricks

We Provide Actionable Insights Using Databricks


Anomaly Detection

Reduce errors and fix issues sooner by using machine learning and statistical analysis


Price Optimization

Increase revenue by using data to provide your customer with the optimal price for conversion


Time to Failure/Predictive Maintenance

Optimize maintenance and equipment replacement by using data to predict and avoid failure

Data Visualization

Descriptive Analytics

Aggregate and mine data to get actionable insights

End To End Data Analytics

Forecast Modelling

Predict demand and make the right move using the best model for the case


Natural Language Processing

Sentiment analysis, named entity recognition, lemmatization and much more

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