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Our data engineers are skilled at building and operationalizing your analytics platform, based on Databricks. We help you leverage your investments in the Databricks platform by delivering actionable insight delivered by our skilled data scientists.

Our Service Offerings

Databricks Professional Services

Our Big Data Center of Excellence providing Databricks Spark Distributed Computing experts implement descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics to get actionable insights 

Setup and Manage

We help organizations set up and manage Databricks unified platform to simplify big data and AI where data engineers and data scientists work closely together on one platform


Our engineers ensure that data is integrated, cleansed and quickly available to data science teams so that they can focus on getting the insights from it


Monitoring Databricks jobs to ensure smooth BAU operations


Ongoing support and change request management

We Provide Actionable Insights Using Databricks


Anomaly Detection

Reduce errors and fix issues sooner by using machine learning and statistical analysis

Price Optimization

Increase revenue by using data to provide your customer with the optimal price for conversion

Time to Failure/Predictive Maintenance

Optimize maintenance and equipment replacement by using data to predict and avoid failure

Descriptive Analytics

Aggregate and mine data to get actionable insights

Forecast Modelling

Predict demand and make the right move using the best model for the case

Natural Language Processing

Sentiment analysis, named entity recognition, lemmatization and much more

Industries We Serve


Consistently deliver optimal patient care experiences, powered by efficient behind-the-scenes operations


Consumer-oriented companies have tremendous opportunity to maximize profits at every stage of the value chain


Improve safety on roadways, maintain fleets and analyze the optimal routes to chart a course for a profitable future

Financial Services

Reinvent every critical business process from evaluating and pricing risk to personalizing the customer experience.

Real Estate

Leveraging AI for enabling property value with smart pricing, property demand forecasting


Use data from the consumer, the vehicle and beyond to maximize quality, increase customer satisfaction

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