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FAQs on DevOps & Cloud Automation Framework

1. What is DevOps methodology?

DevOps methodology automates software development and product release management in the cloud more optimized way, resulting in cost savings.

2. How to implement DevOps culture?

6 Tips of successful DevOps methodology for your enterprise faster growth in the digital era:

  • Foster a collaborative environment by motivating development, QA, and operations teams on common enterprise goals.
  • Establish end-to-end responsibility in between teams for better transparent communication.
  • Encourage continuous improvement throughout the process
  • End-to-End continuous automation
  • Focus on customer needs
  • Accelerated resolution of defects and vulnerabilities
3. How to measure DevOps culture?

Following are the four key metrics that help in measuring DevOps practices:

  • Lead Time: Measuring the time taken in coding written to enter in the production line
  • Deployment Frequency: Measuring how often deployments happen
  • Mean-Time-To-Recover (MTTR): Measuring how quickly can teams restore services after the production line
  • Change Fail Rate: Measuring percentage of failed deploys result in service outage
  • Measuring IT and developer team performance metrics throughout the DevOps process
4. Why adopt DevOps automation?

Here is why you should adopt DevOps in your continuous software deployment process:

  • Quicker mitigation of software defects
  • Better resource management
  • Reduced human errors
  • Enhanced version control
  • Stable operating environment
  • Increase the overall productivity of the continuous software delivery process
  • Transparency in the team’s communication environment
  • Accelerate software deployment at a faster time to market
  • Reduce overall cost in the end-to-end delivery process with the right time to market.
5. What are the trending technologies in DevOps?

Here are the new trends to be watching in 2021:

  • Microservice architecture
  • Low-code DevOps automation
  • DevSecOps
  • The faster rate of Kubernetes adoption
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
6. What is the role of DevOps in digital transformation?

DevOps methodology helps to achieve digital transformation for continuous innovation and agility. The goal of digital transformation is to make faster delivery to the market efficiently and effectively. The primary objective of DevOps practices are mentioned below:

  • Seize up the silos
  • create cross-functional development and operational teams, and
  • Continuous test automation to improve the flow of product value.
7. What is the role of QA engineers in DevOps?

In between the development and operational teams of the DevOps process, Quality Assurance (QA) plays a crucial role in delivering business value for accelerating faster deliveries at a quicker time to market. It helps both teams by bridging the gap to build quality, stability, and proper communication, which results in a higher business success rate.

In DevOps, QA helps to build robust software testing infrastructure, simultaneously tracking quality across the SDLC flow. The QA engineers team focused on automated regression testing to maintain the software functionality throughout. We also focus on delivering DevOps automation services with greater operational efficiency. Connect with us today!”

8. What is the role of the operations team in the DevOps model?

In a DevOps model, dev and ops teams share cross-functional responsibilities. Operations teams are handling the infrastructure’s software functionality, which results in debugging, faster time to market, better quality, and efficiency. They also play a role in monitoring, configuration management, and good deployment automation throughout the CI-CD pipeline.

9. What is the CI-CD pipeline?

CI-CD is continuous integration / continuous deployment. CI is a modern software development automation process where incremental code changes are made less timely and efficient. This code is then tested and delivered quickly in a short period as a part of the CD process. This CI-CD pipeline is reliable for production at a faster tie to market.

10. What are the ten open-source CI-CD tools for DevOps methodology?

Accelerate product deployment with automation testing, and integrate with CI/CD pipeline tools:

11. Is DevOps automation reducing holding costs?

Companies adopt an agile methodology, where DevOps divide N number of products into small batches without reducing transaction costs. This way, DevOps services help reduce the transaction costs in IT and scaled agile methodology. To learn more, click here to understand more about reducing transaction costs with DevOps.

12. What is the impact of DevOps solutions in azure?

Azure DevOps provides tools to support software development teams. It helps software developers ship software faster and with higher quality in public, hybrid cloud. Azure DevOps is a SaaS platform that manages tools for product development in the CICD pipeline. It helps in increasing reliability and rapidly updating features released by Microsoft.

It also includes Azure Pipelines, Azure Boards, Azure Repos, Azure Test Plans, and Artifacts.

13. How is product-centric DevOps fueling the retail industry?

“Retail is one of the leading industries for DevOps adoption, standing third in the DevOps Application Market” – CTO Universe.
The need for a DevOps automation framework with CI CD pipeline among the retail industry is expected to make considerable progress due to the increasing demand for continuous release and deployment at the right time to market with high quality.

DevOps can fuel the retail industry by focusing on the following points:

  1.  Speed-up Retail Digital Transformation
  2. High Quality at Speed
  3. AI-ML based customer experience

Learn more about the role of the DevOps automation process in the retail industry.

14. How can you monitor frontail – stream logs in a web browser?

Frontail is a Node. Js application for streaming logs to the browser. It’s a tail -F with UI which gathers anonymous usage statistics in Google Analytics. There are various features Frontail offers like Log rotation (not on windows!), Auto-scrolling, Marking logs, Pausing logs, Number of unread logs in favicon, and many more.

Learn more about the frontail stream logs management, features, and easy monitoring directly from the browser.

15. How Anblicks helps in DevOps automation and consulting services?

Anblicks is a DevOps automation and consulting company with highly experienced professionals providing CI/CD pipeline implementation. It also offers AWS and Microsoft Azure-based cloud solutions for fast & secure enterprises.

Anblicks provides DevOps Maturity Model Assessment and improves operational efficiency as mentioned below:

Anblicks can help enterprises with DevOps as a service in various industries. If you are looking for professionals to optimize performance, operational efficiency, continuous enhancements, better consumer experience, and better ROI, we are here to help!

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