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As a part of changing the business landscape, enterprises are now looking at new methodologies & approaches to further streamline delivery & IT operations. With increasing focus on building agile, flexible, and scalable IT solutions, DevOps automation practice is now being increasingly being adopted for automating code deployment, infrastructure automation, and automated testing leading to enhanced collaboration, increased productivity, higher revenue, and reduced time to market.

Anblicks offer a unique platform to identify and optimize the relation between multiple tools, logic, and themes of software development and IT operations using swift innovations and constant growth. The skilled team at Anblicks ensures smooth operations and hassle-free development and deployment.

Our Offerings

Infrastructure as a code

Infrastructure as a Code

Anblicks provides a scalable and reusable infrastructure to the clients allowing them to leverage features such as versioning and source control management.
Cloud Orchestration

Cloud Orchestration

Automate scaling to make the system adapt to the ramp-up/down of servers as needed, depending on load requirements.
Continuous integration


Streamline the patch process and the ability to move the artifacts to different environments using automation seamlessly.


Anblicks help to containerize applications in a scalable environment, which is the most promising digital technology that simplifies traditional applications' packaging and deployment.
Microservices Assessment Service

Continuous Testing

Retain agile, and DevOps modes of application development lifecycles continuous testing are at the core of digital technological transformation.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership & achieving maximum Return on Investment with DevOps.

Overcoming DevOps Automation & Continuous Delivery Cycle Challenges in the Cloud

In the growing adoption of DevOps methodology with cloud evolutions, Business leaders will increasingly value DevOps. This shows that the work of the DevOps enterprise community matters to get ahead of digital transformation.

In the digital era, many companies of various industries like automotive, BFSI, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare are thinking of DevOps or searching for better ways to improve DevOps strategy, operations and embrace multiple challenges like longer release cycles, lack of cloud strategy, and increased expenditure/ongoing costs, etc.

Enterprises automate code deployments to any instance for faster delivery, with error-prone manual operations. In cloud platforms, get into effective development & operations to attain excellence in code quality, integration & delivery with DevOps automation and best practices.

DevOps Maturity Model


Operational Maturity Cycle


IT Benefits


Branching & Merging Turn Around Time

50% reduction in efforts for code resolving errors with the help of innovative technologies.


Build & Artifacts Packaging

60% better packaging and building timings as DevOps automation reduces human intervention.


Deployment Time

60% reduction in deployment time with the help of test automation framework.


Failed Deployments

95% improvement in failed deployment reduction with automation-enabled solutions.

time saving

Application Release Cycle Time

40% reduction in application release cycle with our intelligent automation practices.


Build Verification Turn Around Time

40% improvement in build verification turnaround time with our unique test automation framework.

healthcare ecosystem 1

Release Cycle Frequency

40% improvement in release cycle time with reusable codes with DevOps automation.

Business Benefits

Credit Scoring

Accelerate Time to Market

We help clients swiftly develop their ideas into reality with automation, allowing them to release their products quickly into the market.

Collaboration Portals

Improved Collaboration

Our solutions allow the businesses to reduce the human intervention helping them improve their collaboration.


Better Business – IT Structure

Our automated DevOps solutions help clients improve the coordination between IT and operations, resulting in a better business-IT structure.


Customer Satisfaction

Streamlined DevOps with innovative technologies operate with fewer errors resulting in better customer satisfaction.


Increased Operational Efficiency

Enhanced DevOps, with the help of intelligent solutions, are prone to lesser errors which as a result improves the operational efficiency by 98%.

Why Anblicks?

Cloud Cost Management

Cloud Cost Management Tool

Anblicks incorporates state-of-the-art solutions designed to reduce cloud operation and maintenance costs.
Certified Specialists

Certified Specialists

Anblicks has a dedicated team of certified DevOps automation specialists who can develop a streamlined solution to smoothen your DevOps.

DevOps Assessment Methodology

Anblicks incorporates unique assessment methodologies designed to understand the infrastructure and business operations for better outcomes.
Microservices Testing Service

Test Automation Framework

Anblicks provide a unique test automation framework to the clients. The framework allows the clients to get a clear picture of the operation of solutions for their domain.

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