Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure Gold Partner

Get the most out of your Azure deployment

Anblicksโ€™ Azure certified cloud developers deploy the optimal Azure service that is the right fit for your company. We focus on implementing and managing the most optimum cloud data solutions on Azure. Using our proprietary optimization tools and frameworks, we help our clients manage cloud data costs and optimize cloud data operations.

Being a Microsoft gold partner, Anblicks invested in building the expertise, accelerators, and various reusable toolsets in Data Analytics, DevOps, Datacenter, Cloud Platform, Application Development, and Data Platform.

Our Azure Services


Cost Optimization

Anblicks cost management tool to provide actionable insights into spend across multiple managed cloud services in one place.

Cloud Monitoring

Setup the Cloud Environment

Create subscriptions, resource groups and resources following best practices



Infrastructure as code using ARM templates, Terraform and Ansible


Managed Services

Azure Databricks
Azure App Service
Azure Serverless Functions
Azure Kubernetes Service
Azure SQL Database
Azure Database for PostgreSQL
Azure Database for MySQL and Maria

Data Lake Setup

Setup the data lake following best practices to ensure it doesnโ€™t become a swamp

Cloud Consulting

Architect Cloud Native Solutions

We help you design and implement cloud native solutions separating storage and compute to enable on demand compute

Application Modernization Service


Monitor Azure resources, resolve Azure performance issues, reduce downtime

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