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Assessment & Roadmap for DevOps Modernization

Anblicks assess solutions with the proven “DevOps assessment services” to define DevOps optimization strategy with infrastructure as code (IaC) for development to infrastructure provisioning.


With the proven “DevOps Assessment and Strategy services,” Anblicks defined the DevOps adoption roadmap road.

Our Solution

  • Analyze current challenges and pain areas in Build, Deployment, and Release management processes
  • Approach to adopt infrastructure as code (IaC) for development to infrastructure provisioning for POD
  • Performed Gap analysis
  • Detailed assessment of the current platform
    • Assess current DevOps maturity
    • Provide Roadmap for DevOps optimization
    • Rollback mechanism
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    Customer Benefits


    80% reduced infrastructure provision time.


    ~2M USD Savings a year with optimized deployments


    Automated Build and Deployment helped to minimize the downtime by around 70%.


    Automated Testing resulted in about a 50% reduction in manual efforts.


    Control over the infrastructure spend (budget) and timelines


    Minimize deployment-related downtime up to 60%
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