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DevOps Automation

Envision Your DevOps and Infrastructure Automation Services with our Proven Practices

Anblicks’ DevOps Automation provides a unique platform to improve the Software development lifecycle by identifying and optimizing the relation between multiple tools, logic, and themes of software development and IT operations using swift innovations and constant growth.

DevOps, without a doubt, is one of the most trending technologies in the business world today. Our service allows developers and operations teams to build, test, deploy, and manage clients’ business applications’ safety and security.

To stay ahead of the competition, businesses must have the synergy between development and operations teams in the organization. Our DevOps automation services are fueled with a set of technical tools and processes which are designed to eliminate the errors that might put a roadblock in the business growth.

Our Offerings

DevOps Consultation

We are DevOps consulting partners and specialize in solutions and approaches implementing DevOps on cloud architectures for enhanced security.


We streamline the patch process and seamlessly move the artifacts to different environments using automation.

Continuous Testing

Help our clients to retain agile DevOps modes for application development lifecycles with continuous testing at the core of digital transformation.


We help containerize applications in a scalable environment, the most promising digital technology that simplifies traditional applications’ packaging and deployment.

Cloud Orchestration

Provide automated scaling to our clients to make the system adapt to the ramp-up/down of servers as needed, depending on their load requirements.

Customer Benefits


Accelerate Time to Market

We help clients swiftly develop their ideas into reality with automation, allowing them to release their products quickly into the market.


Improved Collaboration

Our solutions allow businesses to reduce human intervention, helping them improve their collaboration.


Better Business – IT Structure

Our automated DevOps solutions help clients improve the coordination between IT and operations, resulting in a better business-IT structure.


Customer Satisfaction

Streamlined DevOps services with innovative technologies operate with fewer errors resulting in better customer satisfaction.


Increased Operational Efficiency

Enhanced DevOps, with the help of intelligent solutions, are prone to lesser errors which as a result improves the operational efficiency by 98%.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership & achieving maximum Return on Investment with DevOps.
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Overcoming DevOps Automation & Continuous Delivery Cycle Challenges in the Cloud

In the growing adoption of DevOps methodology with cloud evolutions, Business leaders will increasingly value DevOps. This shows that the work of the DevOps enterprise community matters to get ahead of digital transformation.

In the digital era, many companies of various industries like automotive, BFSI, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare are thinking of DevOps or searching for better ways to improve DevOps strategy, operations and embrace multiple challenges like longer release cycles, lack of cloud strategy, and increased expenditure/ongoing costs, etc.

Enterprises automate code deployments to any instance for faster delivery, with error-prone manual operations. In cloud platforms, get into effective development & operations to attain excellence in code quality, integration & delivery with DevOps automation and best practices.

DevOps Maturity Model

Operational Maturity Cycle

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