Real Estate

Real Estate


Leveraging AI for enabling property value with smart pricing, property demand forecasting with targeted advertising, mitigating risk and reducing cost overruns.

Why AI Now?

estate operations
AI has the potential to bring many significant changes to decision-making and the overall efficiency of real estate operations.
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This is possible as AI generates additional insight from pattern recognition, an area which was inaccessible to ordinary real estate agents but is customary to AI algorithms.
internet connectivity
With the rise of IoT and internet connectivity, AI can be used to address challenges in the real estate marketlike identify strong client leads for agents, Predict appraisals and market values, refine the transaction process, and revolutionize the way real estate does business.

Real Estate Implemetations

Drive Revenue

Drive Revenue

Property Recommendation Engine for Buyers & Renters
Smart Pricing for Sellers & Owners
Up-sell / Cross-sell for On-Demand Rental Properties
Property Demand Forecasting
Targeted Deals for Buyers & Sellers
Cut Costs

Cut Costs

Customer & Agent Portals
Virtual Property Tours
Mobile Apps
Post-Sales & Service Portals
Avoid Risks

Avoid Risks

Automated Customer Registration Process
Loans Processing
Invoice Processing
Risk Profiling
Credit Simulation

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