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Are You Ready to Make a Move to the Cloud? [Infographic]

For long years, enterprises have been involved in cloud computing. As the demand for cloud computing increases consistently, many IT executives are working hard to move enterprise applications to the public or hybrid cloud. In many cases, engineers have struggled in their cloud migrations.

AWS-enabled Cloud migration and adoption frameworks are not just about agility, modernization, and cost optimization — it is about a need to innovate and stay ahead in the digital transformation continuously.

According to IDG, today, many enterprises have come a long way; around 73% of businesses utilize cloud-based apps or infrastructure, but many still have at least halfway to complete migration to the public or hybrid cloud. Because self-provisioning of new workloads in public clouds is easy to implement, migrating existing services to the cloud requires more preparation.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you, why not look at the below infographics that describe our support and help your business with various best practices & benefits in migrating to the cloud platform.

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