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Strategy & Assessment

Enable cloud and data operations for delivery excellence with a highly automated, secure, and scalable environment.

Services Offerings

Cloud Migration Assessment

Anblicks provides an effective roadmap and strategy for cloud operations, multi-cloud infrastructure transformation, and applications in the enterprise-level cloud journey by leveraging the multi-fold benefits on the Cloud. We also help define Azure services for your business with a comprehensive plan of action for migration. Our Azure experts will consult suitable needs considering business gaps and workload types by mending gaps between infrastructure, applications, DevOps, and security.


Data Strategy

Anblicks data strategy consultants will collaborate with your stakeholders to understand your organization’s unique business needs, opportunities, the “as-is” state of its data management, and challenges when it comes to data. Together with your team, we build a future-ready enterprise data strategy and executable roadmap. Our team builds the data platform architecture evolutionarily so that new changes do not throw the current ecosystem off balance and new changes can be seamlessly introduced into tools/technologies and frameworks.

Anblicks data strategy consulting enables you to become data-driven through next-gen data platforms, advanced analytics, and transformative data culture. Your leadership will be better positioned to make strategic decisions that positively influence the company’s bottom line if it is armed with factual data, a complete analysis, and well-presented insights.

POCs and Technology Roadmap

“A robust advanced architectural foundation is required for any software to be agile, responsive, scalable & reliable. Redefining the customer experience by enhancing the performance and making sure the solution results in maximum ROI

Anblicks can be the right partner to coach and provide consulting services. Our architects align with the customer’s stakeholders to define and establish an optimized architecture. Our Team of Architects proposes multiple architectural solutions, which are further analyzed, and the best optimal solution is identified. Anblicks team works with customers to adapt the right architecture.

Anblicks offers evaluation tools and procedures to evaluate and improve the business problem. Our team aligns with quality attribute goals to identify the trade-offs made by the architecture at each process, system, or person. Our expert teams also work to identify the ecosystem’s architectural risks, inconsistencies, and effects.”

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