Cloud Native Application Development

Cloud Native Application Development

Take the benefits of excellent velocity, agility, and DevOps efficiency.

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Cloud-native applications are rapidly helping organizations foster innovations, enhancing user experiences, improving operational efficiencies, and bringing agility in the face of changing market needs. Our Modern Apps experts help organizations build cloud-native applications adhering to open standards and 12-Factor App design principles. We help organizations to modernize their current technology ecosystems with enterprise-grade frameworks, open-source components, and microservices runtime platforms.

Our Offerings

Application Containerization Icon

Application Containerization

Anblicks helps businesses implement a solution that effectively manages the application containers in a modern environment; a company can enjoy a better business process and a more reliable application.
Cloud Strategy Service Icon

Cloud Strategy Service

We help organizations to define their enterprise cloud strategy in their path to cloud adoption and help them gain operational efficiency, scalability, and agility required to drive innovations with our cloud-first experience. Also, we help organizations select the right cloud vendors, define the right cloud architecture, security solutions, and a roadmap to design, deploy, and manage applications on the cloud.
Application Support & Maintenance Service Icon

Application Support & Maintenance Service

We help organizations by providing support and maintenance services 24/7 for their cloud applications.
Serverless Cloud Native Solutions Icon

Serverless Cloud Native Solutions

With Azure web app services, we help businesses develop serverless cloud-native applications. It helps enterprises to focus on important business ideas rather than infrastructure management.
Legacy to Cloud native migration Icon

Legacy to Cloud-Native Migration

On-premise infrastructure management becomes expensive, hectic, and time-consuming. We help businesses to migrate legacy applications to cloud environments.

Customer Benefits

Increased deliverability speed Icon

Increased Deliverability Speed

Any business’s first priority is to release its product or service in the market on time. Anblicks helps businesses meet their time-to-market goal with Azure’s secure cloud platform.

No infrastructure management cost Icon

No Infrastructure Management Cost

Cloud-native applications are based on cloud servers. There is no need to manage on-premise servers. As a result, it helps businesses cut down their infrastructure management costs.

Increased applications reliability Icon

Increased Applications Reliability

Modern Cloud-native applications use microservices architecture and Kubernetes. With this approach, applications are safe and run smoothly without any fault.

Improved flexibility Icon

Improved Flexibility

Businesses have the flexibility to run their application on any platform, such as public or private cloud, without any modifications. This also helps to reduce dependency on the vendor’s cloud.

New features expandability Icon

New Features Expandability

With cloud-native architecture, it becomes easy to add new features and functionality without interrupting the whole application. Thus, enterprises can satisfy their customers by providing new services.

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