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Data Integration

Simplify data integration with our fully managed, serverless, and code-free ETL/ELT integration services.

Modern IT adoption is rising, with many organizations moving to the cloud as a transformational strategy. As a result, cloud data platforms are gaining prominence across diverse verticals and industries. When dealing with massive amounts of diversified data, businesses require a robust framework to accelerate the data integration journey and make the data available in real-time across the organization.

Anblicks helps enterprises embrace Azure Data Factory (ADF) to develop scalability, orchestrate low-code/no-code big data pipelines, build continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD), and simplify ELT/ETL procedures. Additionally, Anblicks enables enterprises using Azure Data Factory to process and transform big data using advanced computing services such as Azure ML, Azure HDInsight, Hadoop, Azure Data Analytics, etc.

Our certified Microsoft professionals help enterprises make the most of Azure Data Factory and increase operational efficiencies. We assist our customers in dealing with complexities and scaling big data integration difficulties.

Our Offerings

Migrate SSIS Workloads to ADF

Many SSIS packages can run on the data factory. If you have existing investments in SSIS but are planning on moving some of your data estates to the cloud, we can help you spin up a data factory to interact with those cloud-based assets.

Move On-premise Data to the Cloud

Our Azure-based data management strategies make your cloud data integration process seamless. Our agile approach shifts and transfers data efficiently in intermittent network challenges without any manual intervention.

Migrate & Modernize Talend ETLs

We assist you with migrating Talend ETLs or connecting Azure with Talend to shift to cloud-native ETL frameworks and retire traditional ETL tools for improved analytics.

Migrate & Validate ETL Pipelines

Anblicks help you improve operational productivity by setting up alerts proactively to monitor and orchestrate your data pipeline workflows using our Azure ETL/ELT services to reduce manual intervention. These alerts ensure that you are notified on time, allowing you to avoid downstream or upstream issues before they occur.

Ingest All Your Data with Hybrid Data Integration

With our Azure Data Factory data integration services and built-in connectors, you can acquire data from Big Data sources like Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and HDFS. You can also get data from enterprise data warehouses like Oracle Exadata Teradata, SaaS apps like Salesforce, Marketo, ServiceNow, and other Azure data services.

Customer Benefits


Reduce TCO

When you migrate your SQL Server and SQL Server Integration Services in tandem to the cloud, you can lower TCO significantly.


Access Data Faster

With properly built data pipelines, companies can access data within seconds. Rather than using historical data, businesses can practically use real-time data.


Unlock the Benefits of Cloud

Improve flexibility, security, and increase collaboration by using ADF as a single cloud service for data integration across all of your data sources.


Limitless Analytics

ADF, coupled with other Azure solutions, gives the freedom to integrate and automate complex data operations and gain new insights in real-time.

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