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Enable cloud operations for Delivery Excellence with a highly automated, secure, and scalable environment by leveraging the Anblicks-Azure partnership.


Every organization, no matter its industry, size, and workload, are adopting cloud for digital transformation and modernization of legacy workloads. Anblicks enables organizations with CloudOps consulting, automation, containerization, Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC), hybrid cloud management, and 24×7 managed cloud support for various industries on Azure. By leveraging Azure certified specialists’ experience, we help you reduce the operational cost and increase efficiency across the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).

Anblicks stands among the leaders of cloud data analytics companies across the globe. Azure’s public cloud provides enterprise-grade capabilities well accepted in the market with cutting-edge private-hybrid cloud management services with Anblicks partnership with Azure. Anblicks helps you build your business’s future on a secure & scalable cloud with Azure cloud as a platform by rightly aligning development & operations to attain excellence in code quality, integration & delivery.

Our Offerings

Cloud Strategy Service

Cloud Strategy & Assessment

Anblicks provides an effective roadmap and strategy for cloud operations, multi-cloud infrastructure transformation, and applications in the enterprise-level cloud journey by leveraging the multi-fold benefits on the Cloud. We also help define Azure services for your business with a comprehensive plan of action for migration. Our Azure experts will consult suitable needs considering business gaps and workload types by mending gaps between infrastructure, applications, DevOps, and security.
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Infrastructure as a code

Infrastructure as Code (IaaC)

By leveraging the power of infrastructure as a code (IaaC) is a proven path to have reproducible infrastructure configurations against the manual process, which would help achieve numerous benefits that Azure cloud services have to offer. With infrastructure as code (IaaC) and automation capabilities, Anblicks provides scalable and reusable cloud infrastructure to the clients by leveraging Terraform, Azure ARM & Blueprints.
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DevOps Automation

Anblicks provides an Azure-based DevOps automation service to streamline and improve the efficiency of the software development lifecycle. Azure DevOps Services will help you optimize the relation between multiple tools, logic, themes of software development, and IT operations using multiple tools such as Azure Pipelines, Azure Boards, Azure Repos, Azure Artifacts, Azure Test Plans.
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Cloud Orchestration

Containerization and Orchestration

Anblicks provides faster container deployment, end-to-end orchestration services, and management without compromising the security and cost of the cloud applications. We provide PaaS or SaaS and serverless computing through the Azure Kubernetes Services, which helps the workloads be highly available and well-maintained for various solutions. Anblicks help containerize applications in a scalable environment, the most promising digital technology that simplifies traditional applications' packaging and deployment.
Cloud Monitoring

Hybrid, Multi-cloud Management

Enterprise IT management for hybrid or multi-cloud management is a tedious process that requires specialists to manage it. Lack of expertise will result in misconfiguration and unmanaged, which risks the business. Anblicks helps with Azure Arc (set of technologies) for seamless management, faster application development to any infrastructure in multiple cloud environments, which will help to leverage cloud-native services. Our specialists help you manage securely using industry best practices with scalability as your business grows.
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24x7 Cloud Managed Support

Anblicks encapsulates an Azure-certified team of skilled engineers specializing in developing and delivering efficient cloud-managed services and solutions every time they are called. We are committed to bringing value to infrastructure and networking using 24x7 managed services with igniting enterprise data platforms and products. For organizations lacking knowledge, Anblicks helped become a bridge between gaps and solutions to manage Azure in the most effective and cost-efficient manner.
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Customer Benefits

Cloud Cost Management

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Anblicks advanced solutions and accelerators developed to smoothen the business operations for the clients. The innovative tools and solutions help the clients lower the total cost of ownership and streamline the business process.

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Faster Time-to-Market

Our swift and skilled development teams help the business deliver its products to market effectively and smoothly.

Cloud Infrastructure Management

Control over Infrastructure Investment

Infrastructure investments can lead to severe loss to the client’s business. Anblicks offer robust control over this investment with its effective roadmaps and strategies.

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Reduced Risk of Inconsistent Infrastructure Configuration

Anblicks’ cloud strategy and assessment help clients with risks of infrastructure investments and help the business grow smoothly in its respective domain.

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