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Application Migration

Take your business to the next level with modern technology.

Application modernization is the process of moving, converting, enhancing, or adapting an existing business process, system, or application that is no longer being maintained or is considered to be stale to a modern, innovative, or more efficient platform or business model. Application modernization is often used in a business or IT environment to create new business value from an aging application or one that no longer meets the business requirements.

The key to success in the modern world– business and work– is innovation. Traditional thinking is not adequate in an increasingly technologically advanced world. Legacy systems such as outdated technology, lack of skill sets in the market to run older systems, outdated, inaccurate, or incomplete documentation, lack of support for older software systems, and outmoded governance structures are all hindrances to a successful business.

Anblicks is a Microsoft certified partner and has helped many businesses transform their existing application using Microsoft Azure’s cloud computing services. Our Azure-certified experts have the skills to develop future-proof applications that help your business thrive quickly.

Our Offerings

App Assessment

It gives a clear understanding of your current legacy system, enabling us to create the right strategy for renewing existing applications.

Cloud Migration

Anblicks provides cloud migration services for applications to a standards-based environment. We use rehosting, refactoring, digital decoupling, and containerization techniques to minimize disruption to the business.

UX/UI Refinement

Obsolete user experience can decrease user flow. Anblicks expert UX/UI designers help businesses to refresh the outdated design with the latest methodologies to present the company’s vision.

Application Reengineering

Our certified Azure developers help businesses rebuild their outdated systems with modern technology by adding new features, modernizing the code, and keeping the business goals in mind.

Customer Benefits


Flexible to Integrate New Features

By modernizing legacy systems with modern technology, it becomes easy for enterprises to adopt the ever-changing market situation and add new features to meet users’ needs.


Cut IT Maintenance Costs

Maintaining a legacy system becomes very expensive because of the continuous efforts to ensure that the app meets business requirements.


Strengthening Security

Outdated systems are the priority target for cyber attackers. App modernization helps businesses to prevent data and other potential losses.


Enhance Customer Experience

A good customer experience leads to more business. With the modernization of legacy systems, businesses can enhance the application’s user experience.


Improved Return on Investment

Modern apps are flexible and low in maintenance; as a result, it directly aids businesses in improving ROI.

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