Big Data

The growth of data is being measured in the same scale as population census, study of celestial bodies and behavioral science. They are huge in size (Volume), abstract and include numerous factors (Variety and Complexity), and are growing instantaneously (Velocity) as we speak.

Anblicks helps you to manage this sheer scale of data with Big Data Analytics. Our solutions are powered by the right mix of Big Data and Business Intelligence components allowing the enterprise to leverage the maximum out of a particular use case.

Big Data Strategy

  • Every new technology requires a powerful strategy and Big Data is not an exception.
  • As Big Data services are in trend, its adoption is also rapid. Though there are endless success stories, it is still essential to have an effective adoption strategy for your business.
  • We help determine the use cases for Big Data services & further craft a good strategy for your organization.
  • The entire strategy is built in close collaboration with the key stakeholders of your company. This ensures that their requirements are fulfilled & are aligned with big data and analytic solutions.

Big Data Architecture

  • Once a clear strategy & use of big data services are defined, this is the time to develop a comprehensive architecture that works well for the primary set of applications.
  • Big data analytic services can also be expanded easily for the future applications.
  • Our consultants possess immense experience as big data service provider. They work closely with customers and provide them integrated big data solutions, which encompasses unstructured & structured data and various other transactional data sources.
  • We also suggest big data and analytic solutions that will work the best as per your needs.

Proof Of Concept

  • Once the design and architecture are received, it is good to develop a POC (proof of concept) or POT (proof of technology) application.
  • The proof of concept is a prototype, which shows that the proposed big data solution and technology stack will serve your requirements. In such phase, the application’s small scale version or a specific module is tested and implemented.
  • We set goals, measure, implement and as well as evaluate the outcomes of POC.

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