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Anblicks is hosting a Webinar with Ubicquia and AWS on Powering Smart City Solutions with AWS IoT Core

Smart city and streetlight IoT platform helps achieve cost savings by migrating 100+ servers and thousands of databases onto AWS.

Dallas, Texas, United States, January 24, 2023 Anblicks will host a webinar, “Powering Smart City IoT Solutions on AWS” on Jan 25, 2023. The webinar will cover various business use cases along with implementation details and best practices driving smart city and internet of things (IoT) solutions, with the highest level of data security standards.

Ubicquia offers cities, utilities and mobile operators a smarter, simpler, and cost-effective way to deploy and monitor critical infrastructure. Ubicquia uses AWS for tracking data storage, communication, safety, and cross-team communication. AWS allows Ubicquia to provide government customers access to public and private clouds to further increase agility and security. The secure cloud allows Ubicquia customers to support their U.S. government compliance requirements.

Learn about smart city business use cases from Ubicquia’s Ronald Smith, VP, Software Development and Gregory Walters, Director, Software Engineering. Deploying multiple smart city infrastructure devices on one pole or adding more poles can be inefficient and unsightly. Find out how cities can put a multi-use platform on one streetlight to help:

  • Reduce energy costs
  • Ensure public spaces are well lit
  • Expand public Wi-Fi
  • Monitor and optimize traffic management
  • Detect unusual activity in parks, substations, etc.
  • Integrate video and data with public safety departments
  • Monitor air quality

Anblicks’ Jayesh Prajapati, Director-Delivery, will showcase the following:

  • Multi-tenant IoT platform along with dashboard/control panel for end customers
  • Best practices for migrating 100+ servers onto AWS infrastructure
  • Central Data Monitoring Platform built on AWS for monitoring hundreds of servers, thousands of databases, and millions of IoT transactions
  • Setup managed support for Infrastructure, cloudops, and application support

AWS’s Jeff Friedman, Business Development Manager, and Rahul Kochhar, Partner Management System Analyst, will showcase the following:

  • Smart City Competency Program
  • Rapid Adoption Assistance (RAA) for Public Sector Partners

The webinar will be on the 25th of January, 2023, at 11 am CST. Click Here to register for this Webinar.

“With the help of AWS infrastructure, and Anblicks to aid in implementation, Ubicquia’s UbiVu cloud-based platform provides quick customer onboarding, analytics, and end-to-end automation with amazing security,” said Jayesh Prajapati, Delivery-Director at Anblicks.

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