How to Develop a Digital Product – Challenges, Stages and Benefits [Infographic]

How to Develop a Digital Product - Challenges, Stages and Benefits image

How to Develop a Digital Product – Challenges, Stages and Benefits [Infographic]

The world watched as markets dramatically changed in the COVID-19 times. Businesses have always had to deal with shifting customer demands in the past. However, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, how modern society functioned changed, and the changes are likely to last well beyond the COVID-19 wave.

In the modern environment, an information technology company’s survival may be risked if it does not digitally transform to meet the needs and expectations of the economic landscape. Digital solutions have changed customer expectations about multi-channel availability and response time. It significantly aids in acquiring and maintaining consumers and future customers.

To understand a digital product, refer to the characteristics listed below.

    • A value proposition that aims to solve a particular problem.
    • Digital interaction point or dynamic user experience.
    • Ability to generate revenue.

Anblicks provided an infographic to address the challenges that software companies face while improving or developing digital products also, how digitization is helping enterprises to tailor their products, services, interactions, and communications to fit customers’ specific needs.


Every small and big company is looking to improve the value and usability of its products. If your business isn’t leveraging digital product development or inconsistently, it’s time to revisit your product development strategy. Long-term viability demands you to evolve your products in the digital era.

Therefore, businesses need to embrace digitalization to achieve a competitive advantage and keep up with rivals. With the world racing from an offline to an online business model, digitalization is now a strategic necessity for companies of all sizes.

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