Modern Apps

Modern Apps

Modernize your time-tested legacy applications on the cloud, improve user experience, lower costs, and reduce time to market.

Modern Applications

Anblicks helps you build highly scalable business applications optimized for the cloud and deliver high-quality user experiences faster.

Anblicks offers Modern Application Development services powered by a highly skilled and certified tech force that helps you innovate rapidly using cloud-native architectures with microservices, managed cloud services, and QA automation.

Our Offerings

Application Modernization Icon

Application Modernization

Anblicks helps businesses modernize their legacy and monolithic applications for greater agility, speed, scalability, reliability, and compliance. Our proven modernization approach allows us to accelerate your application modernization journey and deliver a holistic approach to cloud transformation that fast-tracks your digital transformation initiatives.
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APIs & Microservices Development

With Anblicks’ highly talented and certified tech force, we help organizations design, implement, and maintain APIs and Microservices, a fundamental requirement for their digital transformation initiatives. Our strong and proven Azure cloud expertise enable us to implement a highly reliable and robust API Platform backed by microservices architecture using fully managed cloud services such as Azure API Management, Azure Container Apps, Azure Functions, and so on.
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Cloud Native Application Development

We help enterprises looking for developing applications that provide them greater agility, resilience, and portability across cloud environments. With our proven cloud-native application development expertise, we design, develop, and maintain applications based on microservices architecture, use cloud managed services, and take advantage of continuous delivery, which in turn help them with reliability and faster time to market.
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Web and Mobile Application Development

Anblicks excels in the digitization of clients’ businesses. We have a pool of web developers to develop interactive web and mobile apps. We also help clients develop custom web portals and dashboards.
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UI/UX Design and Development

UI/UX designers are the key to unlocking an exceptional user experience. When designing the user experience for web and mobile apps, Anblicks follows the best practices for specific industries using design thinking processes from ideation to prototyping.
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QA Automation

Anblicks is a pioneer in providing QA automation services to global clients. Our test automation service includes applications, websites, APIs, and data testing. With this, you can reduce your testing cost and time for faster product releases.
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Customer Benefits

time saving

Faster Time-to-Market and Swift Deployment

Anblicks’ unique cloud infrastructure management service helps clients increase the efficiency of their cloud operations and deploy apps swiftly while ensuring a faster time to market. 


Improved Application Security

We, at Anblicks keep the security of the data at the topmost priority. Hence, we provide a robust and secure application modernization service to our clients.

digital transformation

Improved Performance and Scalability of Applications

Anblicks has a pool of skilled developers who can skillfully improve the client’s existing applications’ performance and scalability.


Improve Customer Experience

Anblicks believes in delivering the best-in-class experience to its customers. With its modern technical expertise, Anblicks helps clients to provide a best-in-class customer experience.

Cost Efficient-2

Significant Reduction of Technical Debt

Anblicks helps customers adopt the best practices with architecture design, cloud native development, code quality, DevOps, CI/CD, and QA automation.

advanced analytics

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

The greater the operational efficiency, the more profitable a business is. Anblicks offer several solutions catering to the clients’ business needs, allowing them to prevail enhanced operational efficiency.

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