Data Analytics Strategy & Assessment

Data Analytics Strategy & Assessment

Engineering your data strategy roadmap

Today’s competitive world is majorly driven by facts, information, and most importantly, “data.” No wonder when some CIOs and CXOs refer to data as the new oil. It drives the business in a smooth and hassle-free manner, providing a competitive edge over the rivals. It is essential to have a smooth and streamlined data strategy and robust assessment models.

At Anblicks, our architects and engineers will collaborate with your stakeholders to fully understand your strategic priorities, opportunities, and challenges when it comes to data. We believe that data is the foundation for your digital transformation. Together with your teams, we build a data strategy and roadmap that will enable you to select the appropriate technology choice for your specific challenge.

Our Data Strategy and Assessment Process


Data Strategy

Stakeholder Input
Deep dive of current systems
Challenges & Opportunities

Proof of Concept

Technology Options (2 or 3)
High-level Architecture (in collaboration with internal IT)
Business Needs
PoC Framework (include success criteria)


Execute Proof of Concept

Managed Services

Technology Stack
Detailed Architecture
Analytics Roadmap
Business Case with Costs and ROI Analysis
Implementation Plan



Data Governance Model

Anblicks' data assessment and strategy service provides a unique data governance model. The model allows our customers to have unparalleled access and security to their confidential data.
Data Visualization

Master Data Management

Anblicks' Master Data Management or MDM model allows your business to have a streamlined data operation enabling you to gain maximum benefits.
Eradicate the Complexities

Data Catalog

Establishing a relationship between datasets, cataloging them and their measures is vital for the smooth operations of the business. Anblicks' Data Catalog solution offers a robust relationship between client's datasets, and provides streamlined and easier data access to Data Stewards, Analysts, Scientists and Engineers.
Storage Migration


Data visualization enables businesses with actionable insights for better decision-making. Anblicks' visualization model provides better visuals of the data and helps stakeholders by highlighting the business trends and outliers.
digital transformation


Data extraction and transfer is a job that needs maximum security. Anblicks' ETL solutions allow clients to smoothly and securely extract, load and transfer data into their databases.

Data Lake

Anblicks' data lake organization solutions allows the client for organized storage and streamlined access to the data in all forms and shapes.
Model Operations

Data Warehouse Model

Anblicks' data warehouse model facilitates the one-stop solution for all the data needs of the client's business.
Predictive Maintenance

Data Analytics

Anblicks helps its clients to have better decision-making with its unique data analytics solutions. The models help clients to collect, process, and analyze the collected data enabling smooth operations.

IT Benefits

Cost Efficient-2

Potential Cost Savings


Increase Scalability


Improve Maintainability

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Leverage Technical Advancements

data produced

Better Data Governance

Business Benefits

transport business

Identify Business Insights


Improve Customer Satisfaction


Build More Data Products Faster and Affordable

Why Anblicks?

SQL Migration

Accelerators for data migration, pipeline, and data science

Anblicks has a firm grip over trending technology stacks along with a massive matrix of its unique accelerators. Our expertise, along with ready to use accelerators, can reduce the time to value for the clients resulting in better business in a shorter duration of time.
Referral Programs

Integrated, End-to-End Data & Analytics Services

Anblicks has many solutions that have proved their past competencies, helping the client overcome their pain points. Our data warehouse implementations, data analytics, and big data have helped clients make a smooth and value-generating business across the globe.
Cloud Consulting


Anblicks encapsulates a team of skilled and talented engineers capable of developing and delivering a unique solution every time they are called. With our experienced team, Anblicks can build and deploy custom solutions to clients.

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