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Make better business decisions by implementing the right data engineering tools to integrate, secure, manage and analyze your data.


CIOs across the globe are looking forward to harnessing the power of actionable insights. These insights and data help them develop a roadmap to overcome several business challenges while keeping themselves ahead of the competition. Anblicks’ data analytics service offers a plethora of refined and ready-to-use data to businesses across the globe.

Anblicks’ data analytics services enable organizations to improve their brand loyalty and express their services and products’ hidden value with enhanced throughput, reduced market risks, and savvier decisions with data-driven decision systems, thus allowing businesses to monetize data.

Our Offerings

digital transformation

Fully Managed ETL/ELT

Azure Data Factory offers the chance to integrate cloud data with on-premises data efficiently. It is a cloud-based ETL and data integration service to build workflows for transferring and converting data.
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Lakehouse for Analytics

Azure Databricks is closely incorporated with Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Machine Learning, Azure Data Factory, Power BI, etc. It stores your data on a simple, open lakehouse and consolidates all your analytics and AI workloads.
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advanced analytics

AI/ML and Advanced Analytics

With the help of Azure Databricks, MLflow, and Azure Machine Learning, you can easily build, share, deploy, and manage machine learning applications by accelerating and managing the end-to-end machine learning lifecycle.
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Scalable Managed Database

Azure SQL and Synapse supports organizations to combine cloud data warehouse services into analytics environments to consume, analyze, organize, transform, and manage data for immediate BI and machine learning needs.
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Modern Cloud Data Warehouse

Snowflake, a modern platform purpose built for cloud to support many data workloads: Data Warehouse, Data Lake, Data Engineering, Data Science, Data Applications, Data Sharing.
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Customer Benefits


Proactivity & Anticipating Needs

We help organizations to not only acquire customers but also understand their customers’ needs to be able to optimize customer experience and develop longstanding relationships. 


Customer Acquisition and Retention

Our big data analytics solutions help companies pinpoint what customers are looking for, measure customer satisfaction, and retain valuable customers.


Optimizing and Improving Operational Efficiency

Anblicks’ help businesses to use advanced analytics techniques to improve field operations, productivity, & efficiency, as well as optimize the organization’s workforce according to business needs & customer demand.


Enhance Data Security

We help organizations use data analytics to diagnose the causes of past data breaches by processing and visualizing relevant data.

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