Artificial Intelligence

RapidMiner Implementation and Consulting

RapidMiner is a software platform for analytics teams that unites data prep, machine learning, and predictive model deployment. RapidMiner is featured as a Leader in 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms. RapidMiner’s effortless solution makes predictive analytics lightning-fast for today’s modern analysts, radically reducing the time to unearth opportunities and risks.

Why Anblicks?

  • Global Partner to RapidMiner offering Consulting, Integration, Support, and Solution Development services to global customers
  • Having a well-trained team of Data Scientists, Data Analysts and Business Intelligence Engineers
  • Our consultants helped many blue-chip companies (GE, Standard Chartered Bank, Fidelity, American Express, Oracle, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, Walmart, JC Penney, Home Depot, GAP) in building the analytics solutions

RapidMiner Solution Development


Credit Scoring


Customer Lifetime Value


Lead/Opportunity Scoring


Sales & Demand Forecasting


Anomaly & Fraud Detection


Price & Discount Optimization


Recommendations for Up-sell & Cross-sell


Predictive Maintenance


RapidMiner Integrations

Industries we serve


Improve profits using machine learning

Retail & Consumer Goods

Drive more sales with predictive analytics


Make intelligent decisions with Advanced Analytics


Reduce risk using Advanced Analytics


Protect business against fraud and uncertainties


Save Costs using Predictive Maintenance

Case Studies

AI based Risk Scoring Solution

know how we helped a global lending firm reduce loan processing time by 60% and business risk by 15%

Predictive Marketing Analytics

US based large education provider increased lead acquisition and conversion rate using AI

Artificial Intelligence for Lending

How a global lending firm reduced the loan processing time by 40%, minimized business risk and increased revenues with effective up-sell of lending products

Sales Forecasting

Global E-commerce store achieved optimized pricing and accurate forecasts for diverse products using various forecasting techniques

Service Center Analytics

Global BPO Improved customer retention by analyzing the customer interactions using ML And NLP

Financial Fraud Analytics

US based large education provider increased lead acquisition and conversion rate using AI

RapidMiner Webinars

Amplify Customer Insights with Predictive Analytics

Watch this webinar featuring expert insights on how to amplify Customer Insights with Predictive Analytics using RapidMiner.

Building Sales Forecasting Solution using RapidMiner

In this webinar, we will show an approach to forecasting Sales using various advanced forecasting methods.

RapidMiner Data Science Solution Showcase: Call Center Chat Analytics

In this webinar, we will show how it is possible to mine intelligence from all call center chats.