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Data Science Solution Showcase: Sales Forecasting using RapidMiner

Thursday, March 30, 2017 – Santa Clara, CA

Cappius Technologies, a US-based Big Data Analytics & Data Science Solutions company announced that it will be hosting a webinar on “Building Sales Forecasting Solution using RapidMiner” on April 12, 2017, 10 AM, Eastern Standard Time.

Sales forecasts as reported by sales teams are subjective and driven by biases. The result is skewed forecasts which adds to the unpredictability of revenue projections as well as inadequate production planning.

In this webinar, Cappius will demonstrate an approach to forecasting Sales or Demand using various advanced forecasting methods. The solution developed using RapidMiner will help in taking a decisive action based on the information related to seasonality and trends of a product/service.

“Sales is the lifeblood of any company. Cappius’ Sales Forecasting Solution provides visibility to your company’s sales to expect in the coming months and quarters”, said Arun Nithyanandam, Chief Revenue Officer, Cappius Inc. He also added, “Sales Forecasting accurately predicts the future revenue and helps to optimize your purchasing, production and expansion plans.”

The event will also be recorded and available on website for on-demand viewing.

About RapidMiner (
RapidMiner is the global leader in open source data science. Our unified data science platform accelerates the process of creating predictive analytics models and makes it easy to embed results into business applications. A community of over 200,000 users trusts RapidMiner to do real data science, fast and simple.

About Cappius Inc. (
Cappius helps global customers with Digital Business Transformation by offering products and services using BI & Big Data Analytics, Data Science and Enterprise Applications. With our innovative solutions like Customer Insights, Sales Analytics and Service Center Analytics we provide you actionable insights for efficient customer acquisition, engagement, and retention.

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