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Anblicks Snowflake Center of Excellence

Anblicks Snowflake Center of Excellence

Our Snowflake CoE is Globally recognized for delivering exceptional client services, Industry Solutions, Migration toolkits and Cost effective Managed Services leveraging onsite and offshore model.

Our skilled resources consist of certified data engineers, AI/ML experts, data application professionals, and cloud engineering experts who can cater to various customer requirements and provide comprehensive solutions to unlock the power of data for modern data analytics and highly performant data applications.

Your Snowflake Migration Partner

Your Snowflake Migration Partner

Snowflake Solutions

Credit Risk and Predictive Lending Analytics solution built on Snowflake using AI/ML.

Provides Quality Management, Risk Adjustment, AI-based Coding and Secure Data Sharing.

Retail Customer Analytics & Predictive Marketing Solution built on Snowflake using AI/ML.

Anblicks’ open-source-based Data Quality tool, enables a shift-left approach for Proactive data monitoring.

PDF Chatbot, powered by OpenAI and LLMs on Snowflake: A game-changing solution for extracting knowledge from PDFs.

Accelerates migrations from any source platform to Snowflake by automating the code conversion.

Industries We Serve


  • Sales Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Customer Analytics
  • Supply Chain Analytics
  • Customer Support Analytics
  • CLV and RFM
  • Demand Forecasting


  • Advanced analytics for Regulatory Compliance
  • Fraud Detection & Prevention
  • Lending Analytics
  • ML based Automated Insurance
  • Churn Prediction
  • Revenue Forecasting


  • Risk Adjustment (RAF)
  • Quality Management
  • Claims Management
  • Business Performance Management
  • Legacy Data Platform Modernization
  • Autocoding

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