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Optimize your marketing spending using Customer Data

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    Anblicks has developed a predictive marketing solution called “CustomerAI” leveraging Snowflake stack for end-to-end implementation for data ingestion, transformation, feature engineering, Machine learning, and the customer-facing data application.

    CustomerAI comes with ready-to-use ML models on Snowpark for the following use cases. The solution can easily be extended and customized as per your business needs.

    • Optimize your marketing spending using Customer data.
    • Realign your products by measuring Customer Satisfaction
    • Predict Customer personas and make marketing relevant.
    • Predict individual recommendations for each Customer.
    • Predict Customer Value and value-based marketing.
    • Know Your Customer (KYC) and define effective marketing strategies.

    In this White Paper, we have focused on the first use case (optimizing marketing spending) – which is very important for any business to acquire more customers with less marketing spend. We have provided simple steps for implementing the solution using Snowflake. We have demonstrated the results and explained the reasons for choosing Snowflake when compared to other technology frameworks.

    The whitepaper outlines how Snowflake effectively overcomes the below challenges associated with the Spark based technology stack:

    • Time-consuming, expensive, and insecure access to marketing data.
    • Performance issues that were slowing down the data processing pipelines.
    • Increased development and maintenance costs.
    • Limited opportunities for data monetization, which hindered potential benefits.

    This document is intended for marketers to serve as a guideline for implementing a highly scalable, Snowflake based Machine Learning solution that gives them the highest customer conversion with lesser spending.

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