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In-house Claims Management Product for Improved User Experience and Streamlined Workflows

Healthcare analytics platform built on Snowflake to improve quality performance by providing actionable data insights to close gaps in care.​

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The customer is a claims management company that has been serving diverse clients since 1999. They handle thousands of claims annually, some of which can last up to five years. The customer was looking for an in-house claims management product to enhance the user experience, streamline workflows, and automate FNOL processes.

Our Solution

  • Utilized .NET Core and Azure cloud services (App Service, AKS, Postgres, Logic Apps, Functions) for an architected claims platform.
  • Agile project methodology and microservices architecture employed for efficient claim management implementation.
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    Customer Benefits


    Implementing efficient workflows reduced claim processing time by 50%, resulting in faster claim resolutions and improved customer satisfaction.


    Tailored dashboards offer real-time insights for account managers, unit managers, and finance teams.
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