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Quality Management and Healthcare Risk Adjustment Solution​

Healthcare management platform built on Snowflake that aggregates data from disparate sources and delivers intelligent analytics to identify care gaps, quality, and risk adjustment closure opportunities.​​


The customer is a leading healthcare technology company based in the US. They have been facing issues with their current legacy data platform, which does not allow them to implement transformative solutions such as AI/ML and advanced analytics. Additionally, there have been significant delays in the end-to-end data pipeline processing due to the increasing volume and variety of healthcare input files.

Our Solution

  • Cloud agonistic Modern data platform leveraging Snowflake Data Cloud, DBT and Astronomer.​
  • Seamless Configuration driven data ingestion of all healthcare file formats (HL7, CCD, 837, FHIR) from disparate sources (Payers, Providers, MSOs, Plans)​.​
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    Customer Benefits


    Achieved 10% cost savings by replacing the former risk management solution with the modern data platform.


    Improved quality, patient experience, and outcomes with AI/ML and advanced analytics.
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