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GCP to AWS and AWS GovCloud (US) migration for Security and Scalability

Migration of high-traffic IoT streaming data platform consisting of 300 servers, 1000s of databases, and services from GCP to AWS.


The customer is one of the global leaders in creating connected networks, IoT devices, and platforms for smart cities. The customer approached Anblicks to migrate their high-traffic IoT streaming data platform consisting of 300 servers, 1000s of databases, and services from Google Cloud Platform to AWS for improved security and scalability.

Our Solution

  • Migrated data stored across different SQL and NoSQL data stores using AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS)
  • Implemented Infrastructure as Code (IaC) leveraging Terraform
  • Improved data security at each layer of Cloud Tier with in-transit and at-rest data encryptions;  Leveraged AWS GovCloud (US)
  • Implemented a monitoring system for Infra and App health observability
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    Customer Benefits


    Improved customer onboarding experience (new customer onboarding time reduced from 2 weeks to 5 minutes)​


    Estimated savings of 20% on operational costs by maintaining security postures and ensuring compliance
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