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Business and Labor Intelligence (BLI) Platform Built on Cloud for Hotels

Cloud Data Platform that combines insights and operations to create a living playbook for hoteliers to minimize labor costs and optimize operations.

Business and Labor Intelligence Platform Built on Cloud for Hotels​- Image


The customer provides a platform for hotel operations, business intelligence, and labor management with worldwide clients, including hotels, management companies, and ownership groups. The customer has four portfolio companies with 100+ clients, each with 2TB of transaction data stored in different DBMS databases. The customer wanted to build a cloud platform to meet rising data needs, get actionable insights and find cross-sell and up-sell opportunities via Data Management – MDM, and Governance.

Our Solution

  • Architected data platform leveraging Azure and Snowflake cloud – Stitch EL, Azure Data Factory EL, Dbt, Data Vault.
  • Define standards, RBACs, best practices, recommendations, platform security measures, pipeline patterns, and Snowflake reference implementation.
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    Customer Benefits


    Timely insights from the centralized cloud data platform increased customer satisfaction by 80%.


    Near real-time data integration from operational, CRM and accounting systems enhanced accountability and visibility in hotel operations.
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