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Assessment and Roadmap for Application Modernization, leveraging Azure Cloud

With the proven “cloud assessment and strategy services”, Anblicks defined the cloud migration roadmap for the existing quoting platform.


The customer is USA based firm serving 20K+ broker networks and 140K In-force Groups for the past 40+ years. They provide an All-In-One Broker Services Platform for employee benefits, payroll solutions & insurance plans. Also, it offers Next-Gen technology & 120+ carriers to support the demand for benefits services & insurance providers for all employers & employees.

With the proven “cloud assessment and strategy services,” Anblicks defined the cloud migration roadmap for the existing quoting platform

Our Solution

  • Anblicks implemented a successful application modernization assessment process & cloud migration checklist.
  • Provided detailed assessment of the current quoting platform by using Azure tools and manual reviews
    • Current functionalities/ DevOps Process
    • Current cloud infrastructure & environments
    • Current technology stack and architecture
  • Provided a three-phased approach for modernization and determining the cost for Azure cloud adoption framework.
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    Customer Benefits


    Control over the infrastructure spend (budget) and timelines.


    Clearly defined ROI of the application modernization & cloud adoption framework Initiative.


    Around 85% accuracy was achieved in predicting the order count across the three regions (Domestic, International and Canada)
    • Cloud-Ready Phase (Lift & Shift Migration)
    • Cloud Optimized Phase (Containerization & Managed Service Migration)
    • Modernization Phase (Re-architecture & Rebuild))
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