Application Modernization Services for Digital Contact Center Platform

Application Modernization Services for Digital Contact Center Platform

Modernization & consolidation of contact center applications to streamline the user experience and future expansion.


The client is the largest non-profit anti-sexual assault organization in the U.S. The organization has build helpline applications that help and controls more than 1100 local sexual assault service providers such as the department of defense and provide them a unified omnichannel experience.

Our Solution

Anblicks, as an AWS Select Consulting Partner, provided a solution by utilizing AWS managed services.

  • Accessed existing systems and future needs and prepared a comprehensive roadmap to implement a multi-tenant omnichannel solution.
  • A microservices architecture was used to implement the solution.
  • Implemented Intelligent task routing by using the Twilio Task Router framework.
  • End-to-end DevOps implementation for the platform.


  • Reduced maintenance cost by 40% by consolidating four different legacy applications into a single modern cloud architecture.
  • Significant reduction in wait time for survivors, which in turn increased the number of survivors served by the platform.
  • Increased scalability with the AWS managed services and microservices architecture.

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