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Powering Next Generation Real Estate Operations with Artificial Intelligence

AI has the potential to bring many significant changes to decision-making and the overall efficiency of real estate operations. This is possible as AI generates additional insight from pattern recognition, an area which was inaccessible to ordinary real estate agents but is customary to AI algorithms.

In this presentation, you will learn how AI can be used to address challenges like

  • Identify strong client leads for agents
  • Predicting appraisals and market values
  • Refining the transaction process and revolutionize the way real estate does business
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    Areas AI is empowering Next Gen Real Estate

    • Marketing – Recommendation Engine for Buyers & Renters
    • Construction – Prevent Cost Overruns, Risk Mitigation
    • Property Management – Documentation Process Automation
    • Shared Space Model – Floor & Inventory Planing, Facilities Management


    Kumar Kanakamedala
    CEO, Anblicks
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