Financial Services

Financial Services


Reinvent every critical business process from evaluating and pricing risk to personalizing the customer experience.

Why AI Now?

Financial institutions
Financial institutions are under relentless pressure. Emerging competitors and disruptive technologies are changing how and where people spend, save and invest.
cyber attacks
Criminal perpetrators have become so advanced it’s hard to keep ahead of fraud and cyber attacks.
Regulatory demands require a frenetic pace of self-analysis and reporting.
Robotic process
Robotic process automation promises such a dramatic impact to cost structures they can’t be ignored.
financial services
Anblicks enables financial services companies to do more than just withstand these pressures.
financial companies
By harnessing the power of AI with RapidMiner, financial companies can reinvent every critical business process from evaluating and pricing risk to personalizing the customer experience.

Financial Services Implementations

Drive Revenue

Drive Revenue

Expand customer relationships through targeted up-sell & cross-sell
Reduce churn by predicting at-risk customers in time to proactively prevent attrition
Launch compelling new products and services based on insights into customers’ hidden needs and wants
Forecast economic conditions with sophisticated scenario modeling
Cut Costs

Cut Costs

Streamline operations by determining the optimal execution path for every process
Reduce settlement errors by monitoring transactions for early detection of problems
Reduce false-positive AML cases by more precisely classifying suspicious transactions
Comply more easily with KYC lifecycle requirements by predicting customer behavior outliers
Avoid Risks

Avoid Risks

Reduce bad debt through early identification of problem signs
Increase visibility into portfolio risk by predicting default probabilities
Prevent rogue trading with integrated communications and trade surveillance
Improve cybersecurity by prioritizing attack investigation and remediation efforts with AI

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