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QA Automation

Complete testing and quality assurance services for web applications, software, and mobile applications.

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Businesses are in a dilemma, whether they choose manual or automated testing. Both testing patterns have their advantages and disadvantages. However, automated testing becomes essential for achieving success in the competitive business environment. Automated testing has many benefits, such as less time to market and reducing testing time with considerable cost savings. Thus, it helps in enhancing application quality.

Anblicks provides QA Automation Testing Services to global clients. Test automation is at the core of our testing strategy for digital technological transformation, extending the end-to-end automation for test ecosystems to remain agile and DevOps modes of application development lifecycles.

Below are the main benefits of it:-

  • Better detection of identifying defects with consistency
  • Reduction of overall effort resulting in cost benefits
  • Multiple iterations of testing executions

Our Offerings

Functional Testing Services Icon

Functional Testing Services

Anblicks provides high-end functional testing services for web and mobile applications. Our team of experts will work with you to align the testing objectives to achieve the business goal.
Mobile Testing Services Icon

Mobile Testing Services

Anblicks uses a top-notch automation strategy to ensure that mobile apps work without difficulty. We also make sure with automated mobile testing that the application should be bug-free.
Security Testing Icon

Security Testing

Application security is one of the major things for any organization. Therefore, our security testing scans various aspects such as Vulnerability, Network Security, Penetration Testing, Risk Assessment, and Security Auditing.
APIs and Performance Testing Services Icon

APIs and Performance Testing Services

Performance problems in applications are costly for business disruption and remedial work. At Anblicks, we have created an APIs and Performance testing service to address this severe problem before apps launch. Using proven, modern techniques, a well-organized testing approach, and efficient performance testing tools, we decrease the risks of performance failure for new or enhanced applications.
Manual Testing Services Icon

Manual Testing Services

Automation is very cost-effective, but still, there is some drawback to it. At Anblicks, we don't compromise the quality. Therefore we provide manual testing where it is needed.

Customer Benefits

Faster App Release Icon

Faster App Release

With the help of automated software testing, companies can release the product in very little time without any delay. Automated software testing is the most popular and effective way to increase the quality of a product.

Time and Cost saving Icon

Time and Cost-saving

Reducing manual effort is the key to saving time and money. It becomes easy to run multiple scripts in one go with automated testing. It saves time and costs for developers and organizations.

No Human Errors Icon

No Human Errors

Software testing is a critical part of any development cycle. Automation testing helps ensure that your software is free from human errors. It helps you identify and eliminate possible mistakes in your code, thus improving the quality of your product.

Increased App Quality and Performance Icon

Increased App Quality and Performance

Our developers can execute multiple test cases in less time with automated testing. Thus, We help businesses to increase the quality and performance of their applications.

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