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Intelligent Apps: The future of applications

Intelligent Apps Development

When application development involves artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and data analytics outcome are Intelligent Apps. Intelligent apps continuously learn from user interactions and other data sources to become more relevant and useful. With our strong expertise in data science, data engineering and modern apps, we help organizations to build Intelligent Apps.

Some of the key characteristics of Intelligent Apps are

  • Data-driven
  • Contextual and relevant
  • Continuously adapting
  • Action-oriented
  • Omnichannel

Why Anblicks?

Data Science Accelerators

Data Science Accelerators

• captixAI
• LandingAI
• SalesAI
• CustomerAI
Certified Specialists

Certified Specialists

• AWS, Azure Architects
• Data Engineers
• Enterprise Architects
• Data Scientists
Integrated Data and Application Services on Cloud

Integrated Data and Application Services on Cloud

Our integrated data and application services helps organization to build end-to-end applications right from data ingestion to data analytics and data analytics to visualization without involving any other vendors.

Our Offerings

Conversational AI or Chatbots Development

Conversational AI or Chatbots Development

We help organizations to build Conversational AI or Chatbots for round the clock, automated & intelligent issue, query or task resolution with no dependency on Humans.
Smart Apps using Cognitive Services

Smart Apps using Cognitive Services

We help organizations to build smart apps that require automated decision making based on historical data. With our strong expertise in machine learning and cloud based cognitive services such as Microsoft Cognitive Services or AWS AI Services, we help solving complex business problems. Some of the example of such smart apps are

• Digital E-KYC
• Intelligent Document Processing
• Intelligent Image/Video Processing
• Intelligent Audio Processing using Speech-to-Text & Natural Language Processing

Intelligent Data Visualisation Apps

Intelligent Data Visualisation Apps

With our strong data engineering and Microsoft Power BI expertise, we help organizations to build data visualization apps that can turn data into opportunity.
Low-No Code Apps

Low/No Code Apps

With our strong expertise on Microsoft Power Apps low-code platform, we help organizations to rapidly build cross platform applications to modernize their processes and complex problems.


Improving the existing service levels via remote support by monitoring & managing the infrastructure, ensuring high uptime & availability through proactive and reactive measures

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