API & Microservices Development

API & Microservices Development

Modernize your legacy IT systems with flexible, reliable, and scalable microservices applications.

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Customers constantly access your service using the website or mobile app, and they always look for new features. As a result, companies must constantly release new features. To engage your users, you need a service that can help you create new features that can be instantly available to your users.

Monolithic application architecture has been the most common architecture for decades. With the recent advancements in technology, monolithic application architecture is a limiting factor for businesses. Monolithic applications tend to be slow, fragile, hard to maintain, and difficult to scale.

With the increasing popularity of API and Microservices Development Services, the market shifted from monolithic apps to microservices. Microservices work together to create one complete software application. Like a software module, the microservices can evolve and change without changing the entire application. It enables the application to adapt to new changes easily.

We help organizations modernize their legacy IT systems with flexible, independently deployable Microservices applications. We use the Azure API Management platform to provide the security, reliability, visibility, and adaptability needed to run Microservices architecture efficiently. Companies can iterate quickly, simplify deployment, and drastically shorten time-to-market with Anblicks’ API and Microservices Development Services.

Our Offerings

Microservices Assessment Service Icon

Microservices Assessment Service

With our microservices assessment service, we engage our team of experts to help organizations to define a comprehensive roadmap to modernize their existing systems by implementing microservices architecture. We help organizations to select the right technologies, the right cloud provider, and the exemplary architecture as part of the complete roadmap for designing, developing, and managing microservice applications.
Monolithic to Microservices Migration Icon

Monolithic to Microservices Migration

With our highly talented and certified tech force, we help organizations migrate from existing monolithic and legacy systems to Microservices architecture.
Microservices and API Testing Service Icon

Microservices and API Testing Service

Verification and validation of Microservices & APIs required different approaches compared to traditional applications. As part of testing services, our team of experts implements API Testing, Performance & Load Testing, Security, and Vulnerability testing strategies.
Support & Maintenance Services Icon

Support & Maintenance Services

We provide support and maintenance services for existing Microservices and API applications.
API Integration Services Icon

API Integration Services

Anblicks help businesses to integrate industry-leading APIs in their IT infrastructure to get more features. It also improves the user experience.
Custom API Development Icon

Custom API Development

With custom API, Businesses can extend the functionality of their application. We help enterprises to develop custom API with Azure security.

Customer Benefits

Costs Optimization Icon

Costs Optimization

We provide solutions that are best suited for your business model in a cost-effective manner. Anblicks offer state-of-the-art solutions that optimize the cost by reducing the technical debts for the clients.

Easy to Expand New Business Icon

Easy to Expand New Business

Our strategies are designed to help the clients to generate new revenue streams and generate more profit.

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Better Performance and Scalability

Our solutions and strategies are designed specifically for your business needs, allowing better app performance and scalability.

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