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Managed Data Services

Heterogeneous data tools and processes with a simplified approach to manage and optimize.

Today, many companies are building systems to manage data and enable data-driven decision-making. They range from the pipes that carry data to storage solutions that house data, to SQL engines that analyze data, to dashboards that make data easy to understand – from data science and machine learning libraries to automated data pipelines, to data catalogs, and beyond.

Data must be identified, captured, transformed, tagged, verified, cleaned, and aggregated; post that, it needs to be ensured for security, governance, visualization, analysis, and acted upon. Data gets even more complex as business stakeholders have ambitions to use machine learning, utilize untouched datasets and focus on building data-driven solutions which should be available with the right set of tools and optimized at regular intervals.

Services Offerings


At Anblicks, we understand how critical it is for you to generate incremental and continuous value from your data assets. Whether it is data management, maintaining your ML models, solving your everyday operational analytics reporting challenges, or managing your cloud data operations, we can bring our engineering excellence, service automation frameworks, and advanced cloud tools & IP for continuous monitoring and adaptive management.

Anblicks DataOps services provide 100% cloud-native, built on best-of-breed, high-performance & cost-optimized technologies​ , enabling an enterprise-grade automated data flow & pipeline.


Anblicks MLOps Services enables rapid innovation through robust machine learning lifecycle management. Our Team of experts helps to deploy high-precision models in an autonomous way which results in cost savings by utilizing the cloud resources effectively and efficiently​.

Anblicks focuses on reducing your capital expenditure by smoothing it out as operational expenditures over the years and stays with you as a partner. The value to you is that you can keep your data assets “evergreen” as we drive data integrations with efficient ML modeling techniques.


Anblicks FinOps objective is to help organisations with traditional IT models across functional teams and support stakeholders to maintain financial accountability for the cloud services used to take advantage of the flexibility offered by Cloud and further improve cost-savings. Cost management is one of the primary aspects that every organization considers when it comes to profitability. The one who manages the cost optimally gain maximum profit. By taking control of the data quality, companies can improve efficiency, cut costs and improve decision making. Nevertheless, Cloud Cost Management gains more prevalence when cloud computing is involved.

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