Modern Cloud Data Warehouse

Modern Cloud Data Warehouse

Meet modern-day analytics expectations and smoothly scale your business with a fully managed, elastic cloud data warehouse.


Data-driven decisions can be found in almost every industry. Data is useful in every facet of the business, including sales, marketing, product development, delivery, and customer service. As traditional data warehouses become more complex and broad in scope, many companies move their data warehouse infrastructures to the cloud.

Snowflake is gaining momentum as a top cloud data warehousing solution among the cloud data warehouse solutions. It’s cloud-agnostic, with unlimited, seamless scalability across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Anblicks modern cloud data warehouse solutions allow organizations to centralize their data in one secure, accessible, and maintenance-free place to conduct faster, deeper, and more reliable analysis.

Anblicks helps establish Snowflake correctly for your enterprise. With our flexible and cost-effective cloud-based services, you can augment and enhance the traditional data warehouse infrastructures to improve speed, efficiency, and security.

Our Offerings


Data Centralization & Warehousing

We help you break down data silos by combining all of your structured and semi-structured data, allowing your company to add more users and apps without compromising performance. We'll set up a performance-driven infrastructure for your business that supports cutting-edge technologies and real-time reporting.

ETL & BI Analysis

With our modern cloud data warehouse, import data in real-time from multiple data sources and build cost-effective data storage, and tackle high throughput data. You can also consolidate service data in real-time and generate actionable insights to make informed decisions.

Migration to Snowflake

It's never been easier to migrate from a legacy database to the cloud. Our migration specialists, combined with our unique techniques and frameworks, allow us to complete the migration process quickly and seamlessly. Our qualified professionals can help you migrate data from Hadoop, SQL Server, or any on-prem data to Snowflake.

Real-time Data Analysis

Every customer problem necessitates an initial analysis, and our technology experts connect with you to understand your use case in detail to provide a tailored solution. Our certified data warehouse experts have experience ingesting and enriching continuous data streams for real-time analysis, deep insights, and data-driven decisions.

Data Warehouse, Data Modeling Consulting & Support

Our data warehouse architects have deep knowledge helping you build a new data warehouse architecture from scratch or improve an existing system. We offer comprehensive advice on data integration, quality, and modeling approaches. We also offer Data warehouse support services such as effective end-to-end data administration, data loading, monitoring performance and capacity, resolution, etc.

Customer Benefits

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Faster time to insights

Modern cloud data warehouses help organizations better use data for informed decision-making. One of our clients cut 70% of the time needed to go from data to dashboard with reliable & fresh data. It enabled them with more immediate access to insights.


Reduce Costs

One of the reasons cloud data warehouses are gaining popularity is their low operational cost. Cloud reduces hardware and maintenance costs helping organizations focus on development. For most enterprises, the advantages of cloud computing overshadow the subscription costs.


Better Speed & Performance

Handle various data streams with ease, regardless of volume, variety, or velocity. Increase processing speeds by balancing data loads. The result caching mechanism allows for cost-effective and quick data retrieval without rerun the same queries.


Improved Data Protection and Security

Cloud data warehouses can assist with security requirements for storing information for companies managing highly sensitive information. They have built-in security accreditations and protection features that minimize the risks of data theft by providing low-cost security solutions.

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